Obsolete platform got you frustrated?

Photo credit: Sean MacEntee, Creative Commons

Here in the Apricots world, we’ve recently been wondering about recent Facebook algorithm changes and what that means for serving our clients. If anything, trying to reach your audience has certainly become more difficult. You may feel that your social media strategy has become obsolete. So is jumping the Facebook ship in the best interest of your platform?

This isn’t a new discussion. We are reminded of a Forbes article that was released nearly two years ago.

Recently, we debated the benefits of focusing our efforts for a client through Google+. Unfortunately, where the algorithm may work more in the favor of those trying to promote their platform, the audience just isn’t the same.  At least not in the engaged manner they are on Facebook.  For this client, the answer was yes, Facebook is worth the hassle… and the added cost of promoting posts to reach the same size audience as before.

The answer is not likely uniform for all however.  Have you found your social media promotion to be a struggle since Facebook’s algorithm changes? Drop us a line. We may be able to help.