What We Do

We create innovative digital marketing strategies that are customized to each client’s needs, goals, and budget. We love to collaborate with those we work with to create the best possible deliverable. Here’s a general list of what we do to help you get an idea of how Apricot Services might help you create more powerful relationships with your audience.


Full Marketing Plan Management
Website Building
Brand Consultation
Digital Platform Auditing
Platform Growth Plan

Digital Marketing

Social Media Content Planning–copywriting and design
Social Media Advertising
Launch Team Management
Livestream Event Management
Digital Platform Management
Email Marketing Strategy

What That Looks Like

Here are some examples of successful strategies we’ve executed for clients.

Release Campaign for The Color of Compromise by Jemar Tisby

Every New York Times Bestseller starts somewhere and Jemar Tisby laid really great groundwork with a well-established and engaged audience and a growing email list through the  content outlet he co-founded, The Witness. We were invited to help leverage his work for the release of his book in 2019. Apricot Services wrote and managed an email drip campaign, curated, designed, and executed a social media content strategy, developed and managed digital ads, and administered a launch team.

Love Muslims Prayer Movement from Prayercast

Prayercast leads a prayer campaign during Ramadan called Love Muslims featuring compelling and engaging guided prayer resources. Apricot Services collaborated with their team to consult on the campaign landing page, develop an email growth strategy, design their daily prayer emails, write, design, and manage the campaign’s social media content, and develop and manage the digital ads and media buys. 311,000 page views and 123,000 video views coming in from 192 countries around the world pointed to the success of this campaign!

Kara Powell’s author brand strategy

Kara Powell, the Executive Director of Fuller Youth Institute, was ready to build a digital home for her own research and work ahead of her book release Growing Young. Apricot Services created a full author-platform strategy which we executed by building a customized website, developing a unique brand and voice, establishing social media profiles and developing a content strategy for her blog and social media to promote organic growth. Once her book was released, we developed social media content, designed digital ads and managed a launch team strategy.

What’s the Feedback

“Apricot Services makes me look good. First they gained a deep understanding of my customers, my brand, and my goals. Then they created smart content that connected with my customers and drove measurable business results. I’m several steps closer to success when they’re on my team.”

Adam Forrest
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & Innovation, Zondervan

“It is rare to find a team that is creative, highly proficient, result driven, nimble, professional, and a joy to work with—Apricot Services is all that. I’m grateful for the help and the support they’ve provided in running successful marketing campaigns and I highly recommend their services!”

Eileen Hanson
Marketing Manager, Baker Books

“Apricot Services has helped us navigate the complex world of social media in order to grow our tribe and open up new opportunities for ministry. Their support has been invaluable in moving us toward the goal of our mission.”

Gary & Lisa Heim
True North Ministries, Inc.

“Alexis and Apricot Services provided me with good advice and excellent work for my website. I look forward to working with them again in the near future.”

Ann Byle
Owner, AB Professional Writing Services

“I appreciate the professionalism, marketing savvy, and wisdom that Lindsay and her team bring to the table. We’ve entrusted Apricot Services with the management of a critical social media property, and they’ve consistently delivered.”

Keith Finnegan
Senior Marketing Director, Digital, Zondervan

“I love working with Apricot Services. They have great attention to detail, understand book marketing, have a ‘get-it-done’ attitude, and most of all are incredibly strategic. You won’t be disappointed if you hire them.”

Alicia Kasen
Senior Marketing Director, Zondervan