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    Our name comes from an Arabic proverb, “بكرة في مش مش” meaning, “maybe you’ll have apricots tomorrow” Essentially it’s the equivalent of “wishful thinking.” 

    Our team believes you can have your apricots today – your wishful thinking of tomorrow can be your reality today! We’ve assembled a crew of wishful thinkers whose creativity and ingenuity brings the dreams of writers, activists, and humanitarians to life.

    Lindsay Gustafson
    Founder and Director
    Scott Gustafson
    Director of Development
    Pete Ford
    General Manager
    Andrea Calles-Tamayo
    Project Manager
    Ben Eberhart
    Project Manager
    Lauren Jackson
    Project Manager
    Markus Kashouh
    Content Manager
    Carrie Weston
    Content Manager
    Emily Hoppin
    Website WIzard
    Aubrey Ziegler
    Graphic designer
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