This may be the question facing your church or non-profit. As digital marketers, of course we’re not going to say no. But apparently neither is Christianity Today.

In an article they released a little over a month ago, CT explores how social media can be harnessed as a great tool for leadership of a congregation.

Discussion in the church has centered around whether social media is good or bad. Our thought? It’s neutral. As the article describes, “Social media is a tool. A tool in the wrong hands is dangerous. A tool in good hands is extremely useful. Churches and leaders that remain absent from social media are not able to use this tool to expand the Kingdom.”

At Apricot Services, we want to see churches and non-profits learn to wield this tool to the best advantage. Are you a church leader who doesn’t know where to start with your church’s social platform? Maybe we can help!

Read the three ways they believe social media benefits church leaders and let us know what you think.