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    Who is this website for?
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    What assets do you need Apricot's help creating? Attach brand document/font files/logo files if you already have them (at the bottom of the form).

    Behind the Scenes

    What are the current host, website builder, theme, page builder, and plugins?
    Will the redesign stay on that same platform? Are we making tweaks with the same theme, or updating the theme? How much traffic do you estimate for the website?
    How many pages will the redesigned site have? Are there major menu shifts/number of pages from the old site to the new site? ie: Are any pages being added that would need a total design build, copy, etc. What kinds of special features do you need? eCommerce? Translation?
    Do you need any 3rd party integrations connected to the website, such as an email marketing signup form? If so, are you able to share access to the other accounts?


    What is the domain you want to use? Do you want any secondary domains to forward to this address? Do you already own the domain? If so, in what platform? For any email addresses using this domain, do you have your own email hosting or is it hosted on the server?

    Page Content

    What is the status of the website copy?
    Who will write copy? Do you need help resizing imagery for the website, finding stock images, or creating graphics? What are the social links? Are the social links currently listed on the website, or do they need to be added?
    For a book landing page, what are the book retailer links? If there is a pre-order offer, please provide the copy listing the pre-order bonus(es). Please attach any files you want us to use (at the bottom of the form).

    Email Marketing

    What email marketing platform is used? What level of plan are you currently subscribed to? Is there a freemium automation that needs to be maintained or rebuilt? If so, please attach the lead magnet files you want us to use (at the bottom of the form). Are you interested in a series of automated welcome emails?


    What are examples of websites that you like AND dislike? And why? (visual inspiration or structure preferences)


    What is the launch deadline?
    Attachments (branding, pre-order bonus, lead magnet):