1. Start a Goodreads account
  2. Follow favorite authors on Goodreads
  3. Search favorite books or authors on Amazon to see what is in the “Customers who bought this item also bought” section.
  4. Follow favorite authors on Amazon
  5. Follow popular Bookstagram accounts on Instagram
  6. Follow popular book-related hashtags on Instagram
  7. Follow popular reading blogs
  8. Subscribe to popular Book-Tube channels on You Tube
  9. Subscribe to readerly podcasts
  10. Subscribe to author blogs
  11. Sign up for author email lists
  12. Follow book bloggers and podcasters on social media
  13. Follow favorite authors across social media platforms
  14. Research the backlists of favorite authors
  15. Follow Publishers Weekly online and on social media to learn about reading and genre trends
  16. Follow publishers across social media
  17. Subscribe to publisher’s email lists—most are sorted by genre

  1. Pre-order books you will purchase upon release anyway
  2. Subscribe to any pre-order bonuses that may be available
  3. Read reviews of your favorite books to learn what makes a good review
  4. Shelve books on Goodreads
  5. Rate and review books on Goodreads—any time before or after a book’s release
  6. Comment on thoughtful reviews on Goodreads
  7. Sign up for Goodreads giveaways
  8. Review books on Amazon—after a book’s release
  9. If an Amazon review is helpful, select “Yes” beneath the review
  10. Review books on BarnesAndNoble.com—after a book’s release
  11. Review books on your own blog
  12. Blog about inspiring concepts from books you’ve read
  13. Review tip: Don’t be afraid to discuss what didn’t work for you with tact
  14. Review tip: Use powerful quotes to exemplify what worked for you in a book
  15. Review tip: Give concrete examples of who might enjoy a specific title (Perfect for fans of…)
  16. Review tip: Share why a book appealed to you and why
  17. Review tip: Explain how a book did or did not meet your expectations
  18. Review tip: Share how the book impacted your off-the-page life
  19. Review tip: Be kind, but honest—diplomacy

  1. Share your reviews on social media
  2. Engage with your favorite authors in conversations
  3. Comment on Facebook posts on your favorite author’s pages
  4. Interact with fellow readers in the comments section of your favorite author’s pages
  5. Host a virtual book club
  6. Participate in reader/author groups on Facebook
  7. Join launch teams
  8. Use readerly hashtags (#AmReading, #Bookstagram)
  9. Cultivate your Goodreads account
  10. Start a bookstagram account
  11. Review books in Instagram stories
  12. Take a shelfie
  13. Tag authors when you recommend their work on social
  14. Post about books you’re enjoying and link to a book retailer
  15. Share favorite book quotes as you’re reading
  16. Ask your followers questions that are inspired while you’re reading
  17. Start a readerly discussion on your social accounts
  18. Participate in author’s virtual launch parties
  19. Create graphics with your favorite quotes from books (Canva, PicMonkey (app), Word Swag (app))

  1. Introduce yourself to book buyers at your local bookstore
  2. Host a book club in real life
  3. Discover little free libraries in your community
  4. Start a little free library
  5. Attend a readers or writers conference
  6. Participate in local library events
  7. Recommend books to friends
  8. Ask for book recommendations from friends
  9. Host a What Should I Read Next dinner party
  10. Attend book signings of authors you enjoy
  11. Attend events at your local bookstore
  12. Send a note of encouragement to authors you enjoyed reading–handwritten or through Facebook messenger
  13. Request new books at your library
  14. Write a book club guide for favorite or very discussable books
  15. Turn your favorite books faceout at bookstores
  16. Turn your favorite books faceout at libraries
  17. Create a book journal

  1. Let readers know about your upcoming titles
  2. Subscribe to Amazon’s author central
  3. Establish an author Goodreads account
  4. Set up an author page on Facebook
  5. Share books that you’re reading
  6. Share books you’re using in research
  7. Ask questions of your audience to learn more about their interests
  8. Go to a writers conference to learn about marketing tips and how to better connect with readers virtually
  9. Use your Instagram account to showcase your author and reading life
  10. Use branded hashtags—ie. #MyBookTitle
  11. Clearly display social media accounts on your website
  12. Respond thoughtfully to comments (within reason)
  13. Cultivate your email list
  14. Develop a content calendar for conversations you’d like to have on your platform
  15. Host a virtual release party
  16. Utilize Facebook Live
  17. Utilize Instagram Stories
  18. Giveaway signed copies on social media
  19. Develop a relationship at your local bookstore
  20. Invite bloggers to tour your book
  21. Brag on other authors in your genre you admire
  22. Endorse other authors books
  23. Write a book club guide to accompany your book
  24. Host a virtual book club for your book
  25. Ask endorsers and influencers to post content about your book on their social media
  26. Post content about other authors books on your social media
  27. Tell your followers what you’re reading and why you are enjoying it
  28. Practice the 20:1 rule (see Michael Hyatt’s book Platform)
  29. Develop the habit of daily content marketing